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Research Paper Chemical conversion
Preparation of adsorbent from recycle newspaper and removal of metal ions from the pulp and paper mills wastewater

Khadijeh Khorram Margavi; Noureddin Nazarnezhad; Seyd Majid Zabihzadeh

Volume 39, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 1-11


  Background and objectives: Contamination in pulp mill wastewater and subsequently surface and underground water sources contamination with heavy metals is one of the most important problems which threatens the health of human being and other creatures. These metals penetrate and pollute the soil and ...  Read More

Research Paper Management and Economics wood
Effective indicators for the stability of a stable supply chain model in the cellulosic industry by Vickor method.

Meisam Mehri Charvadeh; Shademan Pourmousa; Ajang Tajdini; Abbas Tamjidi; Vahid reza ُSafdari

Volume 39, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 12-26


  Background and purpose: Cellulosic industry organizations try to establish appropriate strategies to perform the main production processes and provide services to customers by improving productivity and reducing costs. Environmental concerns, energy scarcity, depletion of natural resources, and increased ...  Read More

Research Paper Chemical conversion
Effect of fermentation pretreatment and extraction on the acoustic properties of Ash wood (Fraxinus excelsior)

Zahra Daeepour; amir lashgari; Mehran Roohnia; Ahmad Jahan latibari; Vahid Safdari

Volume 39, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 27-40


  Background and objectives: Nowadays, the importance of treatments such as water washing and ethanol-acetone washing to improve the acoustic properties of wood has been noticed by the makers of musical instruments. Wood extractives are in the list of those materials that often do not have a construction ...  Read More

Research Paper Pulp and paper
The use of Thyme extract (Zataria Multiflora) to make antibacterial food packaging paper

Amir Hosein Ghasemi; Noureddin Nazarnezhad; Shaghaygh Rezanezhad; Seed Hasan Sharifi

Volume 39, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 41-54


  Background and objectives: Some medicinal herb extracts have the antibacterial capability. On the other hand, herb extract is one of the organic, natural, and environmentally friendly substances. In recent years, the production of environmental and safe packaging materials has attracted the attention ...  Read More

Pulp and Paper Pulp and paper
The Effect of nano-Chitosan, nano-Cellulose and DTPA Spray on the Optical Properties of Paper Obtained from Chemical-mechanical Pulp (CMP)

Ramin Vaysi; Iesa Rezazadeh; S. ESHAGH EBADI

Volume 39, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 55-71


  Background and aim: Today, with the increase in population, increasing demand for paper, as well as greater restrictions on raw materials, the production of pulp from high-yield pulps and mechanical pulps has found a special place. These pulps have a high yield greater than 85%, but due to the presence ...  Read More

Research Paper Chemistry of wood
Identification of Walnut Tree Leaves Extractives Chemical Composition and the Effect of Growth Time

Mohammad Reza Sabzehparvar; Ahmad Jahan latibari; Shademan Pourmousa

Volume 39, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 72-83


   Background and Objectives: Plant extractives show unique properties. They impart colors and change the color of wood and generates attractive appearance. Since early days, societies have been utilizing plant extractives in industrial, medical and even as fungicides and biocides. In early times ...  Read More